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“Think like an Artist”

Elena Carlier (Zhenatova) is a french artist, founder of the School “Art & Workshops” in Warsaw (Poland), participant of major international exhibitions and auctions.
3 years of teaching experience at Schools and Art Studios with children and adults.
More than 20 years of experience in Mixed Medias Art. 

Elena is a multifaceted and resourceful artist who uses a broad range of techniques and materials creating artworks in a variety of sizes and forms. Her artistic profession has also allowed to express her way of thinking, as well as travel around the world to share own ideas, notices and «World feelings» with others.

The versatility of Elena`s art ability can also be found in her «artistic freedom». She seeks inspiration in the observation of nature, human body, animals, landscapes and urban constructions. She is fascinated by emotions and human energy and she loves to represent it in the different styles: expressionism, realism and in an abstract figurative style as well. Elena is also a contemporary portrait artist who looks to capture the vulnerability of people and the emotions that people try to hide from others. 

Elena says: “Art is the best way to express myself and my feelings, so Painting is my Lifestyle. It is a way to get lost and roll around in the beautiful chaos around us and inside of me. Art is also how I leave some emotions behind. However, I enjoy by working process of each my Artwork.”


exhibitions and auctions:

2021 / September – November: “Art of Poland” – Galeria Sztuki / Warsaw, Poland

2020 / December: “Mazowiecki Dom Aukcyjny” – XI AUKCJA SZTUKI / Warsaw, Poland

2020 / July: Personal Art Exhibition in “Les Amis” / Warsaw, Poland

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